Step by Step Application Process

Akilah Institute


Step 1:

Students who wish to study Information Systems, Business Management & Entrepreneurship and Hospitality Management apply directly to Akilah Institute here.


Step 2:

Once you have been offered a place to study at Akilah you will receive a link to our online ISA application via sms.


Step 3:

The application link will direct you to a portal where you need to complete 3 steps.

  • Write a short motivation as to why you would like to join our Income Share Agreement community.
  • Upload a picture of your identity documents
  • Upload a picture of your guardian’s identity document


Step 4:

You will be invited to attend a workshop with our CHANCEN team where we will introduce you to our community.


Step 5:

Now you need to pay your 30% commitment fee to Akilah. Complete the online questionnaire from us and we will then contact you to sign your Income Share Agreement.



You are now part of the CHANCEN community and you are a student at Akilah. We pay your tuition fees directly to Akilah so that you can focus on your studies.


If you have Questions or Feedback, let us know!