Hello Babra, we would like to welcome you to the CHANCEN Team and are happy to announce that you are our new Head of IT in Rwanda. Please tell us a little about yourself. Since when are you interested in IT?

I am the 4th of five siblings and I am the only one who joined the IT Industry. I went to local schools all my life and I love to update myself about what is happening worldwide, especially in the world of Technology.

During my high school I decided to join the IT industry by taking a combination of Computer Science and Management courses. After that I studied Information Systems at Akilah Institute. Since then, I always really enjoyed it because it is challenging and it is the solution to different problems people are facing in their daily life.

How is your daily routine as a woman in the IT industry?

My daily life as a woman in Tech is very positive and interesting because it brings a daily opportunity to learn. However, this was not always the case: Back in high school, we were only 5 girls in a class of 30 students in computer science and management. Classmates and teachers were very discouraging to us girls. Everytime we made a mistake we were questioned in our ability and it was suggested that we should change the pathway once we get to university. This was so discouraging to three of my female classmates that they no longer pursued IT.


What convinced you to stay on the IT-track?

My family had different opinions on how I can go on with Management because they believe that girls are good at Finance, not IT. But my dad was super supportive because he always understands my point and allows me to go for what I want to do. My motivational statement is ”If you want it, to go for it.” At Akilah, it was very different and positive because we were all girls in class. Akilah has a program called work-study and it is very competitive. Students apply for the posted position and they get the opportunity to earn some money and gain experience while studying. I competed for the position of Data Management Assistant, fortunately, I got that position for 6 months. After that I got an internship at Akilah again as an assistant salesforce administrator and Monitoring and Evaluating Intern and that experience led me to CHANCEN International as an IT Administrator.

What are your plans for the future?

My three years goal is to be a Salesforce consultant and my ten years goal is to develop a system that will improve the health industry.

Thank you very much for your great answers! We are looking forward to our cooperation!

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