CHANCEN eG Career Service for Members

Making for a perfect start into your professional life

Become a mentor or mentee – a unique, enriching experience for all involved, in which we will support you.


Topics of the workshops:

  • Self-introduction in interviews
  • Communicating strengths and weaknesses with exercises
  • Refining body language, gestures, facial expressions and speech
  • Techniques and ways to feel brave, confident and competent in an interview

You learn how to:

  • Find the right job offer
  • Create a professional CV and cover letter
  • Follow current application standards and benefit from it in your job search

You learn how to:

  • Determine your market value
  • Increase your salary in simple steps and improve your working conditions
  • What mistakes you should never make in negotiations
  • How to deal with difficult situations and killer arguments such as “We don’t have the budget at the moment”

  • Connect with other people in your industry
  • Meet people who work or have studied in a similar field as you
  • Share your experience and knowledge, learn from others and make new contacts that can be valuable for your future development

  • You know that feeling when your tax return is due and you keep putting it off from week to week? We say no more procrastination! This year we will do the work together
  • We invite you to do your tax return online with us. The event usually takes place in the first half of the year
  • The advantage: you work on a schedule, along with others, and arising questions can be handled together. Afterwards you can just tick it off and maybe even look forward to the upcoming tax refund

  • By taking part in this online training course, you will learn important basics, methods and systems so that you can save and/or invest enthusiastically and in a targeted manner towards your long term goals.

Would you prefer an individual consultation in which we specifically address your situation? Then you are welcome to book an appointment at our financial consultation hours with this link. You can use the appointment both during your studies and at any point afterwards.

This is about technical skills

  • How to effectively work with spreadsheets, formulas, etc. in Excel and Google Spreadsheets.
  • We offer training for beginners and advanced learners.

As a member of CHANCEN eG, you can register for any number of free offers from our career service

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Tips for Preparing and Managing Your Studies

We know how challenging and stressful studying can be. To support you the best way possible, we have put together some tips and tricks.

If you have any requests or suggestions for further offers or tips, please send us an email at


Preparing for your studies

Find out about possible hurdles that can occur during your studies – and the corresponding solutions.

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Learning methods

Expand your knowledge about learning channels and techniques to find a structured and balanced way of learning.

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Mental health

Don’t forget to relax sometimes. If you’re having trouble with this, you might find our tips for stress relief helpful.

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Support during your studies

Check out our tips on motivation, stress and time management, finding a flat-share or a part-time job as well as other study-related topics.

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In addition to the ISA for tuition fees and living expenses, there are many other sources of funding during your studies.

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Repayment Team

Contact us for any question regarding your CHANCEN repayment, taxes or other financial topics.