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CHANCEN eG promotes access to education for refugees from Ukraine

Ukrainian refugees who want to study in Germany are currently not entitled to state education funding like BAföG. In order to close the financing gap, CHANCEN eG provides the opportunity of financial support to refugees during their studies or bootcamps. Read more


We receive EU support for providing student financing

The EIF guarantee of up to €24 million covers a portfolio volume of €30 million. It will support students investing in education and training via Income Sharing Agreements (ISAs). Read more


Panel discussion on equal opportunities in education

Although the fifth anniversary of CHANCEN eG’s founding was several months ago, it was not celebrated until September. As part of its fifth anniversary, CHANCEN eG, which funds higher and continuing education, hosted a panel discussion on educational equity and equal opportunity at CODE University for Applied Sciences on September 17. Read more


Strong Growth in the 2020 Financial Year – Over 1,000 Students – Results on Target

The cooperative for fair education financing presents the figures for the 2020 financial year: A growth of 52% to €24m in total assets, a planned annual loss of €110k and the financing of around 1,000 students in their desired study program. Read more


CHANCEN eG celebrates its fifth anniversary and nearly 1,000 sponsored students

The Educational Cooperative was founded five years ago. With a number of roughly 1,000 financed students, almost 35 educational partners and a balance sheet total of around €20 million, this foundation has been a real success story. Read more


Business almost Doubles in 2019

The Cooperative – whose mission is fair educational funding using the concept of Income Share Agreements – could almost double its business in 2019.  Intergenerational financing has also gained momentum in 2019.

Read more


First Tranche of the „BildungsCHANCEN“ Bond Successfully Placed

The CHANCEN eG has successfully placed the first tranche of the „BildungsCHANCEN“ bond as planned in the amount of over €5 million. Read more


Balance Sheet 2018: CHANCEN eG Continues Strong Growth

Social Enterprise Shows Dynamic Growth in All Areas / Number of Supported Students Increases by 75 Percent / Balance Sheet Volume Doubles to Nearly 7.2 Million Euro / Founder Florian Kollewijn: „We have proven that the Income Share Agreement works!“ Read more


Dr. Annette Littmann

Investor Relations