CHANCEN eG, a Pioneer

Impact Investment in Education

Impact Investing combines social transformation with financial returns. CHANCEN eG will lead the way as pioneer in impact investing for education, proving how a combination of social entrepreneurship, professional business and impact investing can be successful.

Combine financial returns with social value

CHANCEN eG offers a good investment in selected young university graduates on basis of a fair, proven and frequently asked business model.  Investors receive a fixed annual yield and allow individuals to choose their education, irrespective of their financial background.

You Impact Investment

Create Opportunities

With your Impact Investment in CHANCEN eG you allow individuals to choose their education, irrespective of the financial background. Investing in an experienced, capital market ready business model.


Your shares in the cooperative, provide the basis for the development of a community in solidarity that will sustain equal opportunity to educational funding.

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We are pleased to send you an Impact Investing brochure to inform you about CHANCEN eG, about our educational support as well as our Impact Investing opportunities.

Brochure – Impact-Investment

What students have to say

  • Sebastion Wyrall

    Sebastion Wyrall

    Student Games Production at the Games Academy in Berlin

    After 5 years at Blizzard Entertainment, I wanted to advance my education and become a Game Producer. Because of CHANCEN eG I can focus on my studies without having the burden of high-interest rates and rigid repayment plans. CHANCEN eG does not only enable me to study, but I also have the opportunity to invest in the education of my community.

  • Jennifer Gierke

    Jennifer Gierke

    Medicine Student at Brandenberg Medical School

    I opted for AN Income Share Agreements because it gave me the freedom to plan my studies and subsequent professional development. My repayments are not fixed by prior agreement. The amount I pay back is based on my future income, ensuring I pay what I can afford.


Education - a pillar of social equality

Social Impact

Education is the foundation for creating individual and social development opportunities. In addition to the economic relevance of education, in Germany it also has a decisive influence on social equality. Education is the basic precondition for social participation and offers the opportunity for growth in individual and community interests. It strengthens social commitment and is one of the pillars of democracy. It has been proven that education leads to an increase in social equality.  To overcome our global, social challenges, we need to prioritise the education of our next generation.

We believe that the right to education should not be dependent on financial factors.

In the German education system, there is an increasing amount of private education institutions that provide what the state system is not able to cover. These private institutions also meet social needs, enable innovation or represent independent alternatives. To make the transition to private institutions independent from financial factors, we offer Income Share Agreements to cover tuition fees.


Dr. Annette Littmann

Investor Relations