Are you new to studying?

Especially if you have little or no experience with studying and don’t know anyone who can give you valuable tips, all these issues can be stressful or even make you think about dropping out.

But there is another way!

Different institutions can provide you with study support

Here you will find an overview of various free (online) workshops and other offers that provide you with important tips and skills for your studies.



  • Arbeiterkind.de offers various free events on all aspects of studying. In the past, topics such as time and self-management or learning strategies and exam preparation were covered. New events are published under this link. You can also find support at Arbeiterkind.de, especially for students from families without university experience.


Guidance centers

  • Some students also have to take care of relatives, are parents or live in difficult family or personal situations. In addition to specific information, such as that provided by Studieren-mit-kind.org, most universities have psychosocial counselling centers where you can get help from trained professionals.


Educational institutions

  • Find out about the services offered directly at your own institution. Many universities have their own career counselling services and run free seminars on topics such as time management, learning strategies and work-life balance.


Health insurance companies

  • Health insurance companies such as the AOK, DAK and TK also offer their insured students information and online training on topics such as job applications and mental health during your studies. It’s best to check the website of your own health insurance company to see what support options are available.



  • If you need help with job applications, you can take a look at this overview from Stellenwerk Berlin. Similar services are also available in other cities. It may also be worthwhile to visit the website of the Federal Employment Agency. Under “Event Search” you can find free events in your city.


Finding a flat

  • Finding a flat or shared flat can often take a lot of time and energy. Tips are provided, for example, by the Deutsches Studentenwerk or well-known search platforms such as wg-gesucht.de.


We also have some tips for you:

  • If you have problems motivating yourself to study efficiently or simply want to get some new ideas, you can take a look at our study tips.
  • Financing your studies can also often be a big burden. In our financing guide, you’ll find various ways to get the costs of studying out of the way early on.
  • Do you want to find the right degree programme for you? In our ’your way throuh university’ guide, you’ll find links to further information on personal interests and aptitude, career prospects and choosing a university.
  • If everything is too much for you and you need tips on how to deal with stress, take a look at our tips on mental health.

You are the first in your family to go to university?

That’s no problem at all! ArbeiterKind.de supports pupils from families without university experience. 6,000 volunteers are involved in 80 local ArbeiterKind.de groups throughout Germany to inform pupils about the possibility of studying and to support them on their way from entering university to successfully completing their studies and starting a career.

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