The stories of our repayers: Patrik Kühl

Patrik took part in the Java Development course at neue fische. The founder, Dalia Das, told him about CHANCEN eG as a financing option. Find out how the bootcamp prepared him for the job market and how the repayment to CHANCEN eG is going. READ

The stories of our students: Christian Reinecke

Christian studied architecture at Alanus University of Arts and Social Sciences. He financed his studies through the Income Share Agreement. In this interview, you can find out how he came about it and what he finds particularly exciting about the university. READ

The stories of our repayers: Eliza Littleton

Since our foundation in 2016, we have supported over 1,400 students in their education and have featured some of them in previous issues of the CHANCEN letter. An increasing number of the students have already begun repaying their ISA - including Eliza Littleton. READ

CHANCEN Schreiben: Winter Edition 2022

In this year's issue of our CHANCEN Schreiben magazine, we provide information on our Impact Report 2022, our subsidiary CHANCEN International, and our growth in times of crisis, amongst other topics. READ

The stories of our students: Mario Kolar

Since 2022, CHANCEN eG has been supporting students at public universities with ISAs for living expenses. Mario is our first student to make use of this offer. Learn more about how and why he chose CHANCEN eG as his financing option. READ

CHANCEN-Newsfeed 2022

What did we achieve, what's next? In a nutshell, here's what you need to know about student financing, our mentorship program, our anti-discrimination consultant, Bond 2023, our social committee and our award at the Bavarian Finance Summit. READ

Impact Report 2022

Our mission does not explicitly state equal opportunity as a goal. But the free development of every individual requires access to education regardless of financial background. And that's why, since our founding in 2016, we've been tracking whether the students we support are characterised by greater diversity in terms of their parents' educational background than the cross section of all young students. In addition, we have been surveying the percentage of students with a migration background. These two indicators form the basis of our Impact Report. READ

The stories of our repayers: Liv Reinhold

Liv financed her Web Development Bootcamp at WBS through CHANCEN eG. Now she is in the repayment phase and also supports the social committee in processing hardship cases. READ

Why CHANCEN eG continues to grow despite declining student numbers

In 2021, both the number of new students and the use of student loans and Income Share Agreements (ISA) went down, as shown by the student loan test of the Center for Higher Education Development (CHE). However, CHANCEN eG was able to record an increase in demand.
by Nathalie Hubschneider READ

CHANCEN International – The wheels begin to turn!

The most important event of the year was the conclusion of the first round of funding for the Future of Work Fund (FWF). In addition, four new education partners were acquired, two of them in South Africa. The joy over this development is somewhat dampened by the gloomy labor market. READ


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