Our students: Luis Miguel Cebrian Lopez from the Alanus University

Luis Miguel Cebrian Lopez is the first student of the Alanus University to be supported by the CHANCEN eG with the ISA during his studies. In our student portrait you will learn from him what has moved him to study “economy – rethink” and why he has decided for the Alanus University. By doing internet […] READ


Jahresabschluss http://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1f2tpbTpV9bBzVRVzENe_S3oo9AZbdAkK Jahresabschluss 2016 READ

CHANCEN eG: Meet our intern Rena

Rena Arndt is supporting the CHANCEN eG team since this September as an intern in Application Management and Communication. This 12-month internship is part of her dual studies which she will graduate with a double degree as a Bachelor in business psychology as well as a retail merchant in Marketing Communication. In the interview, she […] READ

CHANCEN International – First generation of Rwandan students enables long-term access to education through ISA

The first 420 students have financed their studies through an Income Share Agreement Kigali, Rwanda. On September 24, 2018, 420 female students began their studies at the renowned Akilah Institute. All of them finance their education using Income Share Agreements (ISA), a fair financing model for tuition fees. What is special about the financing concept […] READ

Commercial educational funds versus Income share Agreement – Would the ISA financial concept of CHANCEN eG be sentenced by the court?

Statement to an article of the german Handelsblatt from the 15th of August 2018 on commercial education funds. The newspaper commented on a legal dispute between a former student and the Festo-Bildungsfonds and cited two court rulings of that matter (Landgericht Aachen, AZ 10 O 483/15 und OLG Köln, AZ 16U139/16). The Handelsblatt also mentioned […] READ

CHANCEN eG: Meet our student employee Anna

Anna Böhler is already supporting the CHANCEN eG team as a working student for a year now in our communication department. She is responsible for almost all layouts, leaflets, brochures that were created during this time. Now we finally want to shed some light on her and speak about one year at CHANCEN eG.   […] READ

CHANCEN International: 420 young women start their studies in Rwanda

After very intense weeks of application processes, 420 women were finally able to sign their Income Share Agreements and are currently in their second week of the bridge program at Akilah Institute. Info events with guardians, workshops about the solidarity principle and online application processes were the steps every student had to take before the […] READ

Office warming party

Finally, we have our own office! After a long search and some time in the Impact HUB a Berlin Co-working space, we were finally able to move into our own office in Berlin-Kreuzberg! This was a reason to celebrate! Simultaneous with the World Cup semi-finals, our party was football-themed and from the beginning, teams were […] READ

CHANCEN eG Team: Meet our intern Mara!

Very spontaneously CHANCEN eG was able to welcome a new intern. We had the Interview with Mara the last days of June and since the second of July, she is supporting our communication Team and already organized our office warming party and taken part in the admission days at CODE University. In the interview, she […] READ

CHANCEN eG Team: Meet our team member Annette Littmann!

In June 2018 the CHANCEN eG team grew again: Dr. Annette Littmann now supports us in investor relations. After completing a banking apprenticeship and business administration degree in Berlin and Cologne, she gathered work experience in the fields of investor relations, journalism and PR, financial markets and accounting. She was a senior manager with leadership […] READ


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