Annual General Meeting: WORKSHOPS

This year’s annual meeting of CHANCEN eG on June, 9th is designed with an exciting program which provides two workshop periods for you. The first workshops take place in the morning from 10am – 1pm. Round two is held in the afternoon from 3.15 – 4.30pm The morning program is focused on personal development activities. […] READ

Our students’ stories

Vanessa Bölke is the first student who has financed her education with an ISA from CHANCEN eG. In 2018 she started making repayments to the CHANCEN cooperative. We had a great interview with her where she speaks about her training at Games Academy and her new job, about crowdfunding projects, galaxies, women in the games […] READ

Meet our CHANCEN eG intern Janina Kuhlmann

Since the beginning of March Janina Kuhlmann has been at CHANCEN eG as a financial analysis/accounting intern. Halfway through her internship, she tells us in this interview about her criteria for selected her internship, her insider tips for the summer in Berlin and why she is particularly looking forward to working for the non-profit subsidiary […] READ

Annual General Meeting 2018 – PROGRAM

Download Program here READ

Meet our CHANCEN eG team member Till Funke

Till Funke has supported CHANCEN eG since 2017, first as an intern and then as a working student in Witten, and was responsible for the collection and analysis of income data. We are happy that he has become our permanent team member while finishing his studies in Philosophy, Politics and Economics! In April 2018 he […] READ

CHANCEN International Team: Welcome, Audresse & Ariane!

CHANCEN community welcomes our first team members in Rwanda! We are excited that our community is growing internationally and speak to Audresse and Ariane about their background, their hopes for CHANCEN International and what it is like to work with a German team.    Dear Audresse and Ariane, welcome in our team! Please tell us […] READ


The Leadership College The Reverse Generational Contract (RGC) as a financial model, requires a vast amount of data for the calculations to be fair and financially sustainable. The feasibility study, in South Africa and Rwanda, will include the identification of three very important aspects: 1. The needs and skills gap in relation to employment opportunities […] READ

Introducing the RGC in Low Income Countries project

The new Chancen eG and L’appel Partner Higher education around the world is in need of a new financial model to sustain itself. A solution that is fair, socially responsible and ethical. Most importantly a model that is accessible to everyone. For the last 20 years such a model, titled the Reverse Generational Contract (RGC), has […] READ


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