Your ISA

Part of a Community

The first step towards your future is making the decision to study. With ISA's, you have the freedom to choose your desired degree without worrying about the cost of your tuition fees.

As soon as you have been accepted for your degree, you can simply apply for financial support from CHANCEN eG. Complete the application form and select a date for your interview. Should you be a suitable member for our community, we will offer you a contract. Please note you do not need to offer collateral or have German citizenship.

You can completely focus on your studies. With ISA's your tuition fees are paid directly by CHANCEN eG to the University. Once you have graduated you can take your time in deciding what the next steps on your career path will be. Or maybe you would like to travel or do an internship?

With your first annual income that exceeds 27,000 Euros you start repayments to CHANCEN eG, set at a fixed percentage of your total income. To calculate your individual annual repayments, your annual tax return statements are disclosed to us. Should you take a sabbatical or choose to study further your repayments are put on hold until you can afford to pay them again.

Your repayments ensure future generations also have access to fair financing.

Your repayments are discontinued once you have reached the end of the repayment period, irrespective of the sum of money you have paid back. You are welcome to continue being a member of CHANCEN eG and engage in educational funding opportunities for future generations.


If you have Questions or Feedback, let us know!