An Overview of all Conditions

During your studies, we support you in financing your living expenses. When you graduate, income based repayments are made to CHANCEN eG over a 8 year period. Should your annual income be less than 27,000 Euros, repayments are not required. Your repayment period is shifted to a time when you earn above the minimum income threshold. The relevant income is the positive income (gross) reduced by income-related expenses. The flat-rate deduction for self-employed persons is 16.4%.


 Lower End of BandwidthUpper End of BandwidthLower PercentageUpper percentageContract PeriodYears of Repayment
Practical Year only5,000 €10,000 €3,64 %4.95 %258
Studies / Practical Year 10,000 €15,000 €4.95 %6,26 %258
Studies / Practical Year 15,000€20,000€6,26 %7.58 %258
Studies / Practical Year 20,000€25,000€7.58 %8.89 %258
Studies / Practical Year 25,000€30,000€8.89 %10.20 %258

Explanations on the Conditions

  • Bandwidth: To provide you with as much financial flexibility as possible, we sign a financing contract with you for a bandwidth of 5,000 € instead of a fixed amount. With this bandwidth, you set a minimum amount and a maximum amount that can be financed. You can move flexibly between these two amounts, depending on how your needs develop during your funding.
  • Repayment percentages: Depending on how much money you have used within your bandwidth, your repayment percentage will be adjusted. However, it can never be lower than the percentage related to the lower end of the bandwidth. Therefore, as an example, the highest and the lowest percentage possible in this bandwidth are shown here.
  • Years of repayment: After graduation, depending on your income, you will repay to the CHANCEN eG, altogether over a 8-year period.
  • Contract Period: Your repayment is no longer due once the 25-year term of the ISA is over – regardless of whether your repayment years have already been completed or not. The contract period of the ISA begins with the start of your funding.


Team Living Expenses

Financing of Living Expenses with the Income Share Agreement (ISA)