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We are an established startup with a clear vision: Everyone should be able to educate themselves however they want – regardless of their financial background. We offer a fair and solidary financing model so that young people can overcome financing hurdles!

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Internship or Working Student Jobs

We continuously offer three- to six-month internships in application management.

We remunerate internships lasting up to 3 months and mandatory internships with the current BAföG maximum rate (currently 934 euros per month), longer voluntary internships with the minimum wage (currently 12 euros per hour).

Our wages for working students are based fairly and transparently on the duration of company affiliation as well as the responsibility assumed and the quality of the work. With the increase in the minimum wage, we adjust the salary scale accordingly.


Level of responsibilitycompany affiliation
<1 year
company affiliation
>1 year
company affiliation
>2 years
company affiliation
>3 years
company affiliation
>4 years
company affiliation
>5 years
112,00 Euro12,50 Euro13,00 Euro13,50 Euro14,00 Euro14,50 Euro
213,00 Euro13,50 Euro14,00 Euro14,50 Euro15,00 Euro15,50 Euro
314,00 Euro14,50 Euro15,00 Euro15,50 Euro16,00 Euro16,50 Euro
415,00 Euro15,50 Euro16,00 Euro16,50 Euro17,00 Euro17,50 Euro
516,00 Euro16,50 Euro17,00 Euro17,50 Euro18,00 Euro18,50 Euro

Assumed responsibility and quality of work include the following aspects, which are evaluated jointly by the working student and their supervisors:

  • Project responsibility
  • Development of processes
  • Independence
  • Perception
  • Speed of work
  • Quality of work
  • Time management
  • Flexibility
  • Willingness to support others
  • Supervision of other team members
  • Responsibility for external communication

We are looking forward to having you as part of our team! With us you will find an attractive working environment, characterized by organization possibilities, a team-oriented way of working and the desire to provide education for young people!


Florian Kollewijn